POST Request node

When running KW that contains Post Request node, sometimes it goes in that the knime workflow remains in progres, it shows that it still executes the previous node (Prepare Data for example).
What can be the reason?
The node configuration is the following:

I guess the timeout may cause the issue, but I am not sure.
It should be mentioned that KW is executed in Batch Mode, and no error is thrown.

Hi @natashullea -

Do you see consistent timeouts when you run the workflow in KNIME AP normally, or only when you try to execute in batch mode?

No, when run directly it is ok. Only when run in batch mode and do POST request to another application.

It doesn’t reproduce every time… but frequently

It seems like if POST Request fails in batch mode it dosen’t logs the error message, so the KW remains in execution.

Interesting. Do you have a simple workflow that you can post that reliably reproduces the problem? I’d like to investigate more, with the help of our support team.

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