POST Request SMILES codes and get link back


I want to use KNIME to automatically add SMILES codes from a list to the following website and then use the webpage retiever node to get the resulting information:

When doing it manually I have to enter each SMILES code separately (e.g. CCCCCC) to the page and press “Submit”. Once the submit button is pressed a new link is created that will still work in a week or a month, e.g.

I want to have a list of these links for each SMILES code in my table. My idea was to use the Post request node, but I am struggling on how to do this. I hope you can understand my request and have a solution on how to configure the node or which alterntive nodes I should use.

Best Saskia

Hello @saskia,
i tried to solve your use case with the ‘Web Interaction’ extension. Its not the most beautiful thing, but it might solve your problem. The Workflow right now is set to use Chrome. If you have a different browser, please configure it in the first node.



Hello Alex,

thank you for the workflow. After solving some problems with the Web interaction (Labs)/ Selenium nodes, the workflow worked fine and solved my problem. Thank you very much.

Best Saskia