POST request within a Python Script not connecting

I am trying to productionise a workflow that I have running locally that needs to send a file to a RESTful API.

To do this I have a workflow that uses the GET nodes to allow the user to authenticate to get a TOKEN for the later calls. These calls are working and the TOKEN is generated correctly. ( I have other workflows on server that are working OK )

To send the file, I cannot use the POST node and have written a simple python script to do this and this works fine locally. when running this on the server I cam getting the following error

Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 110] Connection timed out’)

Is there a setting that we have missed that preventing the python script from creating the connection?


do you have a minimal example so that we can check it out?


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Hi Steffen,
here is the python code that is trying to run. Unfortunately I cannot share the workflow here as the API it is calling is restricted.

could the proxy settings be part of the problem?

Hi @garynugent,

this is indeed likely a network issue. Your Python script will not be using any configured proxy, but the requests library does support configuring proxies. You’ll need to check with your internal IT or KNIME admin which proxy configuration is required to access the resources you need.

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Thank you! setting the proxies in the python request has solved this.

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