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I know that the Selenium Nodes are an amazing resource for extracting all kinds of data, especially for “dynamic” websites.

But I wonder if they also allow me to publish back to a website? I have something like a content management system, which I want to populate with 100s of articles (no, I am not trying to spam, it’s just another idea from my roleplaying environment, see here).

As I am “so in love” with KNIME :wink: I wondered if it could be used to publish transformed data as well? I tried to search but didn’t really come up with some threads here (maybe I’m just using the wrong search terms)…

Thank you in advance and a WONDERFUL HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

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Hi kowisoft,

I have just seen your previous post – that’s super-amazing and I promptly put it on my read list for next year! :slight_smile:

As my presence is required in the kitchen currently, I will only answer briefly for now: What you’re planning to do, sounds like a great use-case for the Selenium nodes. Several of our users have in fact used them quite often not only for extracting data, but also for automating tedious data input tasks.

Unfortunately I do not have a workflow which I could publicly share at the moment, but I’d be more than happy to help and support with your specific task – would you be able to share the link and some sample data of your scenario? (you can also send this directly to me to if you’d rather not share it publicly).

Happy, healthy, inspiring new year for now!


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Hey Philipp,

thank you very much for the kind words, I really appreciate that! :smile:

I will reach out to you by email. Maybe we can create something shareable so the community would also benefit from it.

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