Postgre connector throwing SQL Exception reading Object of type "2003"


I am getting the following error. The result set is empty. Can you please explain how I fix this ? This is only happening for one table . Attached is the workflow and the config 


ERROR DBReaderImpl                    SQL Exception reading Object of type "2003": Method org.postgresql.jdbc4.Jdbc4Array.getArrayImpl(long,int,Map) is not yet implemented. - all further errors are suppressed and reported on debug level only

ERROR DatabasePortObject              Could not fetch data from database, reason: Cell at index 16 is null!


this seems to be a limitation of the JDBC driver when accessing arrays (object type 2003) with custom data types. This is also mentioned in a Postgres post. Maybe you can convert the content of the column or use some Postgresql array functions in the query to convert the array to a one dimensional type e.g. varchar.