Posting output to API like

Hi all,

I have a scheduled workflow to auto backup a file. The workflow is to get some data from a website and clean it up and save as a csv file. What I need to do in next step is to post it to and make sure it works well on knime server as well. There is a package in R called boxr that allows me to post the file to box through developer account. However, it requires authentication by logging on through the explorer window. It is not compatible in R snippet in KNIME. Are there any other ways to do? Any solutions??

BTW, i can't find any KREST nodes anymore. 

My version of KNIME: 2.12

Thanks :)

Sorry for the late reply! I'd recommend you move to 3.2.1 and use the now-standard REST nodes based on KREST. Then it's about reproducing the OAuth flow required and you should be fine.