Power Automate Microsoft x Knime (Low code)

I don’t know if there is a solution on going about this subject, but I would like to explain my concern about it.
I like Knime a lot. It solves many problems that I have and I can optimaze many tasks from my days.
I work at a big company in Brazil and they are investing a lot in low code (Power Automate). They never speak about Knime.
I have a problem to connect Sharepoint using archive .BAT, and other people are not using Knime mostly because of this. I would like to ask for your attention about this particular issue.
I posted more details about this case in the Forum.

Hi Aldemir, great to hear from you again. I’ll reach out to you via email with some additional information and details.



I think you can map a network drive to sharepoint and use it as a normal letter.

Ex: map command for drive r:
net use r: https://some.portal.org/documents [password] user:domainName[username]

Ex: command for copy
copy c:\somefile.txt r:\somefile.txt

Can you try it?

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