Power BI to trigger KNIME workflow


I am working on an activity where I have a workflow that uses an SQL server as its source. After transforming the data through many nodes, it writes an excel sheet which is visualized in Power BI.
The SQL script has 3 variables going into it: starttime, endtime, and name.
Currently when I run this workflow, I choose the starttime, endtime, and name (in KNIME), run the workflow, and refresh the power bi.

Is it possible to do all of this from Power BI? I mean, that a user on Power BI chooses a starttime, endtime, and name (from a list slicer), and then these are sent to knime and are used 1. as inputs in the workflow and 2. trigger the workflow automatically?

This way all of the configurations are made only from the powerbi user interface. ie. the user doesn’t need to touch KNIME.

Thank you!

The only clean way to do that would be to use KNIME Business Hub which allows you to trigger a workflow execution via an API call.

It would take some serious hacking to get to real time execution triggering of a local KNIME AP workflow in batch mode via command line. You could get closer to real time if you have Power BI make a doc change in the cloud, then run a perpetual workflow to check for that change and execute the workflow when the condition is met… That still wouldn’t get you to real time triggering through Power BI, and it would probably require a mostly dedicated local pc.

KNIME is an awesome product (hands down) but for these cases I need to ask why not using the build in data prep tool in Power BI instead?

Yeah, that’s what I’m leaning towards now… I just thought I’d ask in case there was a solution to avoid that. :slight_smile: