Predict Hierarchical Cluster Error

Hi everybody, I am trying to make a cluster prediction using the R package named clue, but when trying to make the prediction I cannot do that when I am using the Hierarchical cluster option "hclust".

The error says 

Execute failed: Error in R code: "Error: no applicable method for 'predict' applied to an object of class "hclust""

Is interesting because I can do that with the Kmeans. By reading the documentation of the clue package it says that it can predict "an object of class "cl_class_ids" with the predicted class ids, or of class "cl_membership" with the matrix of predicted membership values.", but I does not seem the case for the hclust algo.  See the image.

I am ataching the workflow

Any help wll be appreciated



Well I am answering my own question and according to this response "Some of the clustering algorithms (like those centroid based - kmeans, kmedians etc.) can "label" new instance based on the model created. Unfortunately hierarchical clustering is not one of them - it does not partition the input space, it just "connects" some of the objects given during clustering, so you cannot assign the new point to this model." see:

But atill you can make such prediction using the Weka nodes but not the Knime nodes. 

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Hi mau,

Thanks for letting us know why it doesn't work in R. Still, it's interesting that you could do it in Weka. Do you know if they do something different?