Predict throug plugins

hi i am a student and i want to predict my data set through plugin,can any one help me regarding this problem bcz em new in Knime.

You are probably interested in using the learner-predictor nodes, but without a clear picture of what you want to do it is not possible to be any more helpfull then that.


To learn Knime I can advise to take a look at these 2 digital books:

KNIME Beginner's Luck


The KNIME Cookbook

Through plugin it is not easy to do all the predictions you got. I do recommend you to search google for more idea.

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can any one tell me how to add nodees through plugin and apply algo on data set ANN,KNN etc plz help 

i have open KNime through eclipse bit dont knw how to proceed 

thanks in advance :)

Read the tutorials already given to you and come back with specific questions (i.e. NOT like "how do I build a house?")