Prediction of units of an assembly line

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How can I do a prediction of units of a plant in KNIME?

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Hi @sid389

This is a pretty general question. Can you provide more information about what you’re trying to predict? Posting an example dataset would probably help too.


Hi @ScottF,

let me explain you what I meant. I would like to investigate a wheel and tyre fitting line.
The only information I have is a barcode containing the total mass, the rim and tire diameters and the valve type. Additionally, I know the time when the barcode was scanned. From this I can calculate the cycle time. Based on this data, I would now like to make a prediction as to how many units the system will produce in the next few hours.

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Seem like you might want to try some sort of regression approach here. How about checking out the workflows on the EXAMPLES server in /04_Analytics/07_Time_Series?

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Yes, but how can I predict the units of the plant for e.g. tomorrow? I want to make a forecasting.

KNIME has some ARIMA nodes available in a downloadable extension that can be used for forecasting, but those only apply for the univariate case. If you’re trying to produce multivariate forecasting analysis, you could try using ARIMAX algorithms in R using the marima package. KNIME supports execution of R code using R Snippet nodes.

Okay, where can I find ARIMA nodes?

If you navigate to File -> Install KNIME Extensions, you can search for “ARIMA” and find the appropriate extension. Once you install it restart KNIME, the ARIMA nodes will be available in the Node Repository under KNIME Labs.

Can you help me because of the failure?

Hi @sid389 -

Sorry I lost track of this. I’m checking with some other KNIMErs internally about the error you posted - I’ll get back to you.

A few things you can try -

  • Are you on a VPN while downloading the extensions? If so, try downloading them without the VPN active.
  • Is there a firewall or AV software your company uses that may be interfering with large downloads? You might try disabling that software if possible.
  • You could also download the extension repository manually, and install the extensions from the local zip. This process is described here:

Hi ScottF,

I have an another question. Can you help me, please?

I want to generate a new column which contains the sum of a column for each row.

for example: I have following columnA

The new column should look like:
column B

Do you understand my problem?
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Look at:

No, it does not work.

Thank you! I have done it and it works now!