Prediction -Train & Test data


I've just started using KNIME. I am required to predict orders. I have two data sets: train & test. The train data set has a column called orders & the test set doesn't. I have used the train data & the systems works well but when I connect the test data by connecting another decision prediction tree to the decision learner that I had already executed for the train data it gives me an error.

"WARN Decision Tree Predictor Learning column "Prediction (order)" not found in input data to be predicted"

What am I doing wrong here or what am I supposed to do?

Your assistance will be appreciated.


Hi Papama:

The problem is that you are using a wrong test data. You have to use a train data to create a model, then you have to use a test data to know how the model works. To obtain this, that test data has to have a column that contain the same variable (in your case Orders) that you used to create the model. You mention that the test set does not contain that column. There is the problem. 




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Thanks Gabriel