Predictive Attrition Model

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I am new to KNIME, and I will be using this platform to design a Predictive Attrition Model for an organization that I am interning with. In case, there’s anyone who has worked on a similar project previously, then please reach out to me regarding this.

Any insights from your end will be highly appreciated.


Hi @Pracheer_01 and welcome to the KNIME forum.

Attrition is a term that is used in different fields, for instance Finance and Pharma, just to cite a couple. Could you please precise in what field are you planning to design a Predictive Attrition Model ?

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Hi @aworker! Thanks a lot for the revert.

Actually, I have compiled a comprehensive employee database for the last 6 years (present as well as ex-employees) basis defined parameters like education, work history, learning and development, etc. Basis this database, I have to calculate the flight risk (basically the probability of current employees leaving the organization) after studying the correlation between attrition and those pre-defined parameters.

Hope I am able to do justice to this explanation.

Thank you!

Hi @Pracheer_01

Now is crystal clear :wink: !

It sounds like a very nice project and although I’m not in your field but in Pharma, I’ll keep an eye on your posts in case I can help answering your questions on attrition modeling. The underlying modeling techniques should be very similar. Looking forward.




Hi @Pracheer_01 -

Maybe today is your lucky day! KNIME Blog to the rescue :slight_smile:


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