Predictive model

Hi! I’m trying to create a model that can predict whether under certain characteristics it is a higher or lower risk. I am using different models that I have found in the KNIME examples but I have not been able to make it work to predict or classify. Any model that you can suggest to me ? Thank you

@elaadani concerning KNIME and model (development) literally whole books have been written and there are lots of examples on the KNIME hub. Also, you could (and maybe should) set out to learn about machine learning and its usage.

I have recently put together a meta collection of mostly KNIME based sources and examples about the main types of machine learning models you would find.

If you could provide us with more details about your model or even some sample data (without spilling secrets) we might be able to further advise.

Hint: The text rendering is somewhat broken. KNIME is currently investigating what is going on but the text beneath the picture should be able to be read.


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