Preferences menue does not show an entry to define Python.

Dear All,

in following the:

KNIME Python Integration Installation Guide

I am stuck at this step:

Configure the KNIME Python Integration

My preferences (KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7)
look like this (there is no entry for Python)


i have these update sites linked and just did an update.


Do you have any advise?
Thanks a lot & Kind regards


Welcome Tobias,

did you try to restart KNIME? Sometimes it is better to fully close it and start again instead of the File -> Restart option.

Also, check that python integration was successfully installed, you should see in File -> Install KNIME Extensions... something like



Dear Misha,

thanks a lot!
Yes, I made a “first time user” mistake.
I had assumed that it is (like in Fiji) sufficient to define the update site,
do an update and then KNIME would just pull everything from the defined update sites.

After configuring what indeed shall be installed, i now understand why this is not
done (it is just too much…)

Thanks again and Kind regards



Indeed, KNIME offers a rich stack of extensions covering a wide area of domains.

Have fun with both KNIME itself and using python in it!