Preferences of tableau integration in knime 4.0

Dear all,
preferences of tableau integration in knime 4.0 is different from 3.7.2
What is the purpose of new added point (2): “copy the files from source folder to the target folder.”?
And according to the online documentation
there should be a further point (3) “Download and install …”.

If I click the button “Open source folder” the local folder “./plugins/org.knime.ext.tableau.hyper.bin.macosx.x86_64_2018.2.2.v201905311239/extractapi-2018-3-0/Frameworks/TableauCommon.framework/” is presented.
So I copied the folder TableauCommon.framework to folder opened by the button “open target folder”.
But is this correct?
What about Visual C++ installation according to the above documentation link?


Hi @dgoebel -

It looks like the documentation we currently provide only covers Windows machines - sorry about that. Let me check with some folks internally and see what the intended setup process is for Macs. I know there are several folks that use the Tableau integration on their Mac, so this should be a solved problem :slight_smile:

So here’s some draft Tableau setup text for Macs. Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense, or isn’t working for you somehow - that’s possible, since this was written for KNIME version 3.7.1. That said, it should work.

I will check with other folks on our team to make sure the documentation is updated. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  1. Install the Tableau plugins for KNIME (you’ve already done this)
  2. After KNIME restart, go to KNIME -> Preferences -> KNIME -> Tableau, and set your option to either TDE (Default) or Hyper. If you change this radio button, another restart of KNIME is required. (you are here)

  1. Now proceed back to the same preferences page as in Step 2. Click on both “Open” buttons. The source folder should only have two items/folders within it. The target folder will depend on the setup of your Mac. You will copy both “source” folders to the target folder within Finder. The folders are named TableauCommon.framework and TableauHyperExtract.framework.


  1. Another restart of KNIME should now pick up the libraries and allow both writing Hyper files, and sending data to KNIME Server.
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Hi Scott, thanks for help; the physical copy of the two folders made the Tableau Writer Node and the Send to Tableau Server Node work.


Great to hear! Thanks again for posting about this.

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