Preselected Table View with single selection

When I use the component “Preselected Table View”, it is not possible for me to change the selection mode from “multiple selection” to “single selection”. Is there a way to enable single selection with preselection?

Hello @laraknapwost ,

could you please share a screenshot of your present settings of the node what you are using, because unfortunately I was not able to find this settings: “multiple selection” and “single selection” among the options of the Preselected Table View.


Hello @dora_gcs ,
please find the information here:

Hello @laraknapwost ,

here is the KNIME Components Guide.

Here you can find how to setup a components.
(It is possible that you need to hit Disconnect link first to enable the Setup function.)

Hope it helps!

Hello @dora_gcs
with my initial question, I was reffering to that the preselection does not work when I change it to single selection.

Hi @laraknapwost,

indeed, I just learnt that a single selection table does not subscribe to selection events (see grayed out checkbox) and thus can also not be triggered programmatically. This is to make it consistent with other selection mechanisms in KNIME (think of how to handle the case when the selection is e.g. triggered from a scatter plot and multiple dots are selected - which dot would appear in the single selection?), so it is not possible to do a preselection with the single selection option.

Maybe we can find a way around if you tell more about your use-case. Maybe a Single Selection Widget would already help?

Kind regards,

Hi @LukasS ,
thanks for your reply!
Some more details to my use case: I have several IDs from a list and to each ID, n calculations are available (always in the same format). The idea is to select at first one ID and afterwards be able to select a calculation. For the selection of the ID, I have already implemented the single selection widget; for the selection of the calculation, I thought about the preselected table view as multiple information should be available for making the selection. But I can also concat the information to make it fit into the single selection widget. Is this the best solution, if preselection should be possible?

Hi @laraknapwost,

that sounds like a solid solution!

If you want to get fancy, you can try and play around with the re-execution feature. You can let the users select the ID in the first widget and then filter for the respective calculations. You can put the available calculations into a flow variables with the group by node and aggregation as a set. With this flow variable you can feed the second single selection widgets choices.

Hope that helps!


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