Presenting Workflows


what are your preferred ways of presenting workflows? I feel like most of the time the results of a flow are more important than the way you got there, but still the flow can provide lot of insights, e.g. reasons for choices made along the way. Also, Knime has great interactive views with no extra cost, so these are worth keeping. I see two ways to combine both at the moment, but both are not really satisfying:

  • Pictures - no zooming into meta nodes, no zooming and paning, so no simple way to present larger flows, views only non-interactive
  • Live Demonstrations - No annotations on edges, no lines connecting annotations to nodes, tiny details like thin connections unsuitable for low resolutions while zoomed nodes look pixelated, in general not "pretty"

Of course that's nobodys fault, and sometimes compromises have to be made. But I still hope that some of you more intelligent people have found ways to circumvent some of these hurdles? From your experience, is it even a good idea to include workflows if your audience does not (yet) know Knime?