Price selection on base of date

Hello Knime Expert…

I need your help in creating workflow for selection process of price.

Select price on basis of period in which it falls…


product as on 31-12-2019 Valid from (1) valid till (1) price-1 valid from (2) valid till (2) price-2
a 01-12-2016 31-11-2019 32 01-12-2019 31-11-2022 45
b 01-01-2018 31-01-2020 39 01-02-2020 31-01-2024 20

Here product “a” is purchase on 31-12-2019 thus as per requirement we have to apply it’s price basis on it’s purchase date period i.e valid from (2) 01-12-219 to valid till(2) 31-11-2022 price(2) 45 will be our correct output


product as on 31-12-2019 Price
a 45
b 39

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ravi13,

The first thing I would do is to convert date columns to standard format using the String to Date&Time node. Then I would use the Rule Engine node to find the price.

But if you want to make everything automated like reading the purchase date from the column header here is my suggestion:

22478-1-1.knwf (81.4 KB)



Thanks @armingrudd as usual…it worked!! Thanks again you are always there. :wink: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


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