Primary KNIME Workspace no longer loading (freezing application)

Hello all,

I am on a Mac, utilizing KNIME Analytics Platform 4.6.2. Yesterday I made some updates and installed a third party node extension (NodePit) and now my primary workspace will not load. When on the workspace selection screen, it is an option, but then after selecting the workspace, the curser spin in circles like its loading and the KNIME Analytics Platform becomes unresponsive. An alternative workspace will load with all the extensions, but it’s not where all my workflows are housed.

What is the best path forward? I initially thought this was an issue with what I installed, but now it appears to be primarily a workspace issue.

Hi @tdewagner,

I’m guessing some file(s) may have been corrupted, or wrong settings set.
I would suggest exiting KNIME, moving the .metadata folder out of the workspace and starting KNIME again.
This will lose some configurations, but mostly that amounts to clicking “don’t show this again” a handful of times.

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We’ve been in touch via email about that but I didn’t hear back to my latest suggestions – so, did you solve it? @tdewagner ?

Hi Marvin! Thanks for suggestion about the .metadata folder. Is this something that once I remove I can delete? Removing it from the folder helped with the most recent issue I had today of my workspace freezing and not loading.


Hi Tyler,

yes, you can remove the folder. Most user settings are stored there, e.g. whether a warning should be shown when resetting nodes. We will generate a new folder with default settings if the folder isn’t present.

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