Print a workflow in KNIME 5.2

How can I print a workflow in KNIME 5.2 like it was possible in KNIME 4.7 (choose File/print)?

Hello @dbc,

I believe eclipse may have some restrictions here for printing directly to pdf.

The closest option I can think of is to just grab the ‘workflow.svg’ from the root folder of your workflow and convert that to a PDF.

(You can find them inside your working directory you specified)

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Hello TL,

thank you for your reply. Taking the SVG file is a good solution, but unfortunately this file is not available for the metanodes and components and I absolutely need them. In addition, the file is not cropped like the export as SVG in version 4.7, so I have empty areas around the workflow and would have to rework each SVG.
I need the printouts to provide documentation of the workflows as a PDF. I think I will then continue working with version 4.7, can you tell me how long this version, respectively the Classic User Interface in 5.3 will still be supported?

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Give an option like Jpeg or Png, in SVG the background area becoming black.

You can convert the svg into a jpg or png with gimp (free), for example. As I am not allowed to install any software on my computer, I open the file in my browser and print it as a png file with pdf24.