Printing Multiple Tables on A4 Paper: How to Dynamically Determine Repetitions and Layout ('BIRT reporting')

I have multiple tables that I need to print out on A4. Each table should be printed a (dynamically generated) number of times.

The layout consists of one table in the upper half and one table in the lower half. When printed out, the A4 sheet should be cut in half to give two A5 sheets of paper. The data for each table should be accessed by a groupby step.

Let’s take a static example: I need 3x table A, 2x B and 3x C. The resulting report should be a multipage report that looks like the attached graphic (a grid with information for the grouping and the table itself):


The data for each table is accessed by a groupby step. The number of printouts required depends on the number of elements within a group (that’s the dynamic part).

How can I use BIRT to achieve the desired layout and logic?
Is BIRT the best tool or should I look into other sources like JavaScript nodes or the new reporting functionality in KNIME v5?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @kermitthefrog01 -

I would recommend checking our BIRT documentation if you haven’t already. It has some examples of how you can implement pagination for grouped data.

What have you tried yourself so far? Maybe folks could give more suggestions if you provide your work in progress.

Whether you go the BIRT route or try the new KNIME Reporting extension, I suspect there will be some trial and error involved to get a precise layout as shown above.

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