Private group in Microsoft teams

Hello all,

I am using SharePoint Online Connector to find an excel file in the private group in Microsoft Teams but I cannot. So, if a group is not private it is possible, if it is so, then I cannot find any files.
How it can be solved?



If you log into SharePoint directly, are you able to see the private group (channel??) and the file(s)?

The issue may be that the private group isn’t know to Azure AD/SharePoint, therefore KNIME won’t find it when connecting.


Thank you @jeffgullick-knime
Yes, I can see all files in private group in Sharepoint directly.
Can I do something to see the files via Knime?

I don’t believe with our current Azure/Microsoft integration that this will be possible. We run into this type of thing with other services, Google for example, where the API we use isn’t always the same as the vendors apps, so even though you can see the data in SharePoint, doesn’t mean that the API we use to connect has that same access or permissions.

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