Problem about Groovy script

I have a problem about Groovy script node. Error message was printed when I run groovy script node. 

The url 'c:\Program Files\KNIME\plugins/de.mpicbg.tds.knime.hcstools_1.0.0/lib/*' does not exist. Please correct the entry in Preferences > KNIME > Groovy Scripting

What does meaning about "Additional scripting classpath" in Preferences > KNIME > Groovy Scripting? 

I downloaded and installed Groovy on web site. Then I setup Preferences > KNIME > Groovy Scripting?


thank you

Tried as well and from the errors in the console it seems to me like the same issue referenced here:

I understand it has been solved, but probably the fix did not go all the way to the KNIME repository. I am afraid the only short term solution would be to recompile the extension from the source code on GitHub and manually update KNIME...


thank you, I'll try that. I hope it can solve the problem.

What does mean "manually update KNIME"? I downloaded and recompiled the source code on GitHub. I made *.jar file. I just replace original jar file to recompiling jar file. Any other progress need?


Thank you


By manually I meant exactly what you did.

And did it made any difference? Are you still getting the same errors?


Is It possible for jar file name can influence to KNIME extension? The recompiled file was not same name before jar file. Then the KNIME could not recognize Groovy extension. So the KNIME print error message like Groovy script node was not available and Groovy script was not installed. But It did not have that problem, that I renamed recompiled jar file to previous jar file name. However I could find the same errors in KNIME. 


When I recompile source code on github, I export only "de.mpicbg.knime.scripting.groovy" project and I replaced that jar file. Is it right? Or Did I more export other project like "de.mpicbg.knime.knutils"?


Thank you for your reply


this is something which can be better answerd the KNIME's technical support.