Problem connecting to MS SQL Server 2019

I’m new to Knime. I am trying to connect to a MS SQL Server on localhost. I have no problem with Python or with sqlcmd. I added the Microsoft Server SQL Connector node and configured the Driver to either of the available choices:
Official Driver… or
jTDS for Microsoft SQL
set hostname to localhost and Database name. I selected Username and Password for authentication. However the node remains Yellow and will not connect to a DB Query node. Executing the node results in No Data Available.
What am I missing?

Hi there @ihf,

  • which KNIME version are you running?
  • do you get any error/warning message?
  • are you using Native authentication (integrated security)?


I had trouble connecting to the MS SQL server in KNIME. I looked through the forum posts and cannot figure out the problem. I can connect the database server to power BI without any problems but I cannot do it in KNIME. I am using the most recent version of KNIME. The error message is ERROR Microsoft SQL Server Connector 3:1 Execute failed: Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect

Could you use server name or IP address instead of localhost?

Hello @Learn2019,

have you managed to figure it out and connect or still need help? Are you running on Windows?

Additionally see here more how to troubleshot error you are seeing:

And talking about forum topics this one seems most informative about Microsoft SQL Server connection: