Problem creating a pdf from a report

I have two table view nodes of my data.

The first table view is a small invoice summary table.

The second table view is the invoice detail.

I have wrapped both of these views into a component and added an input (report) port. To this import port I have joined a Report Template Creator node to this and all works lovely up to this point.

The problem I have is, when I add an output port (report) to the same component, and then join this output port to a Report PDF Writer node then I get an error message “contains unconnected node”.

I can’t seem to get this to output my report to a pdf file. I can’t understand why this would occur. Can anyone help?

Hi @John_Hayes,
based on your description, I think you need to

  1. enable Reporting on the component via its layout editor. Quickest way is to select the component and hit CMD+SHIFT+D (or Ctrl if you are on Windows, I think). Then there is a little checkbox in the lower left corner “Enable Reporting”. This will add two special report ports (one input and one output) that only exist on the outside of the component but not on the inside!

  2. Remove the input and output (report) ports that you added manually.

  3. Wire up the Component Template Creator to the special input port (bottom-most input port) and the special output port (bottom-most output port) to the Report PDF Writer.

Then it should work as expected!


Hi Manuel,

Thanks so much for your quick reply.
I finally managed to get the layout editor open (I had to switch from Classic to Modern Knime UI).

I did exactly what you stated in your message above. I wired up the Report Template Creator node to the component’s new external input port. This part works.

I wired up the component’s new external output port to the Report PDF Writer node. When I run it I see for a little while a status “queued” under the node then I have no traffic lights at all. Also the output port from the component to the Report PDF Writer node has a red cross over it and when I hover over this port with my mouse it states “inactive port object”.

So I am slowly getting there. I still can’t generate a pdf file though!


What version of KNIME are you using? Would you be able to show some screenshots of your workflow that might be relevant? Just which nodes are connected to what.
Sounds like report generation times out and ultimately the component output is disabled.
But to be sure I would need some screenshots or ideally an example workflow which exhibits the problem (but I guess this could be hard to create).

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I am using Knime version 5.2.1

Here is the reporting part of my workflow:-

Here is the current configuration of the Report PDF Writer node:-


I changed the Report PDF generation timeout to 120 seconds and this seems to do the trick now. I can now generate a PDF report! Many thanks!


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