Problem displaying license in different languages in feature Project using feature.xml

Hi All,

I have created a feature project using eclipse feature project development tool to deliver the knime nodes developed.

What I am trying to do now is the feature project to display license in specified languages.

Say by default i add license terms in english in feature.xml under <license> tag provided.

I also wish to add the german version of the license so that when knime is started using german language config the german license is shown to the users.

Is it possible to do so? Can anyone explain how?



I don't think it's possible at all to display the licenses in different languages.

Hello Thor,

Thank You for the reply.

I was just having a look at eclipse feature projects ex- org.eclipse.equinox.p2.extras.feature_1.0.1.

This project have feature.xml, and the corresponding license.html files.

In feature.xml file the license tag is something like below:-

<license url="%licenseURL">

licenseURL and license values are provided by file. licenseURL points to the license.html file of choice and license property has license terms in plain text in language pointed to be licenseURL.

I was assuming with a setup like above even I can achieve to display license agreement based on locale(locale passed on knime startup).

I am however missing on what else needs to be done apart from having a setup like above. And also this is an assumption that it will work with knime feature project (project bundling knime nodes to be delivered via update site).

Please advise.



As this is a pure Eclipse question, you may find more information and advise in the Eclipse documentation or their forums.