Problem fetching tables from Databricks environment

Hello community,
I am experiencing problems when connecting to my Databricks environment, getting the following error:

“Error during fetching metadata from the database: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot get schemas from database. Reason: [Simba]SparkJDBCDriver Error getting schema information: Metadata Initialization Error.”

I could connect to my environment when the Runtime Version was 12.2 (spark 3.3.2), but I was suggested to create a cluster on 9.1 with spark 3.1.2, as I was having problems writing back to Databricks.

I guess the problem is with the JDBC driver? But not sure how to fix it, as the JDBC I downloaded is supposed to work with this version-

Error from DB Table Selector:

Thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

Hi @victormartal,

The screenshot mentions some more details:

Communication link failure. Failed to connect to Server.

Can you double-check the URL match, your internet connection is working, and your cluster is running? Sometimes it might take some time to start the cluster, and you have to wait one or two minutes until you can query the cluster.


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Thanks for your answer; Yes it matched, but there was a problem with the Databricks cluster :slight_smile:
Solved now, have a nice day!

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