Problem in R script node

Hi I am trying to data mining with R script node (R Source Table) , but this error pop up :


  • v_pdf_file ←[[“File path”]]
  • pdf.text ← pdftools::pdf_text(v_pdf_file )
  • knime.out<- )
    Using poppler version 22.04.0 <---------- THIS LINE IS IN RED !!
    any idea how can I deal with this error ?
    many thanks in advance .

Hi @psfard -

Can you upload an example workflow with your R code, and maybe a screenshot of the configuration dialog? I’m not sure this is actually an error, but would need more detail to confirm.

(If it is an error, possibly you also need to install the poppler library as well?)

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Thanks @ScottF for you response, I actually when I double click the " Eval Script" the problem is miraculously disappeared and node is executed seamlessly!

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