Problem in R Snippet package "DPLYR" on server


I have a knime workflow that contains Rsnippet to execute R script.
My problem that if I execute only the R Snippet Node it’s work succefully.
But when I use the Execute ( see the figure below) I have the Error Below :
R Snippet 0:2198 - ERROR: Execute failed: Error in R code: "Error: there is no package called ‘dplyr’"


WIth many thanks,

These things come to my mind:

  • do you have the package dplyr installed? Maybe you check in your R version (with RStudio it is easy to do so)
  • Make sure you have the latest version von Rserve installed (cf. R Problems on macOS (high sierra) since R version 3.5) and also preferably R 3.5.1
  • does your KNIME installation point to the correct R version. You can install R ‘within’ KNIME from the extensions and you can have a separate R version on your system and just ‘point’ KNIME to that - it is easy to confuse the two. I like just to have my own R version separate from KNIME.


Thank’s for your help.

My problem is only when I try to execute the workflow Knime in Knime Server by clicking on the Execute button.
1-The package Dplyr is well installed, I checked in R and when I execute only the R Snippset node.
2-I tried with R 3.4.3 ans 3.5.1, I have the same problem.
3-In my environnement I have only one version of R, I have installed R separate then I have specified the R Home in Preference > Knime > R > Path to R Home.

I want to clarify that this problem is only for the package dplyr.

What can I do to correct this problem ?

Hello @zeineb,

Can you please confirm that the dplyr package is also available in the R installation used by your KNIME Server? The path to your server’s R installation is defined in /workflow_repository/config/preferences.epf. Please check if this R installation has dplyr installed.


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Package dplyr is available in R installation.
I’ve resolved the problem : I export preferences.epf from Knime and I replace the actual doc in /workflow_repository/config/preferences.epf.

Thanks All

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