Problem installing Xgboost extension

I’ve tried to install the KNIME XGBoost Integration extension from the menu and local via the zip file and in both I get the following error:

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: KNIME XGBoost Integration 4.0.0.v201906131321 ( 4.0.0.v201906131321)
Missing requirement: KNIME XGBoost Integration 4.0.0.v201906131321 ( 4.0.0.v201906131321) requires ‘org.knime.xgboost [4.0.0.v201906131321]’ but it could not be found

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Hello @Cpalomeque,

which version of KNIME AP are you running?
If it’s 4.0 did you upgrade from 3.7.2 or is it a fresh install?

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It’s the 4.0, fresh install.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the issue on my machine, so I’ll need your help to figure this out.
Which OS are you running and did you install any other extensions before you attempted to install XGBoost?
If not, could you try to install something else just to ensure that this is a XGBoost specific problem.

Thank you for your help,


I’m running windows 7 professional and yes, I installed a lot of extensions.
I even installed the source for knime GXboost integration just in case it helped with the actual extension intallation but I get the same error.


we are still not able to reproduce you problem.
Could you please send us the list of extensions that you’ve already installed / installed before you tried to install the xgboost extension.


That’s the image of the error board when I try installing it again.

And these are all the extensions that I’ve already installed


I am able to reproduce the error in KNIME 4.0.0.
I’m running windows 7 professional (32 bit).

I installed using KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (zip archive) 32bit.

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Hello @t.yamasaki,

thank you for letting us know.
@Cpalomeque are you by any chance also running a 32bit system?

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hi, i have same problem about xgboost node. i have try install with zip archive, but still cant found the node. any solution for this problem, because i want use the xgboost algoritm for my thesis.

The XGBoost is not part of our standard installation and you have to install it via File->Install KNIME Extensions…->KNIME Labs Extensions->KNIME XGBoost Integration.
If you are running a recent KNIME version, you can also drag and drop it from the KNIME Hub ( KNIME XGBoost Integration).


yes, i already try to install that extensions. the knime counter error when installation process

Can you post the error message here?
Are you running a 32bit system?
In that case, you won’t be able to install the XGBoost extension because there currently is no 32 bit version available.