Problem retrieving info from Yahoo Fantasy Football

I successfully retrieved the projections for my fantasy league in yahoo for one league.

Now as I try to retrieve the projections for my other league, also in yahoo I cannot do it. I am presented with the login page and I cannot go past it.

I am using the same flow as with the first league. In fact on the branches I have not changed, it works, but on the one where I changed the league ID, it does not.

why does this happen?.

Hi @pepebuho and welcome to the forum.

Based on the information given I’m afraid we don’t have enough to go on. What error message are you presented with, if any? What does your workflow look like?

Hi. I wish I could share the workflow but it has my user/password to log into yahoo.

Here is the beginning of the workflow:

The Table creator has two webpages corresponding to the players lists:

And the web retriever just gets those two pages

For authentication I have my username and password.
This setup works fine.
But if I change the ID of the league,
Instead of downloading the webpages, it downlnoads the XML of the yahoo login page

Why does this happen?

Hi Again.
I got it to work. Leagues have a setting indicating if they are publicly viewable. The workflow that works does it on the publicly viewable league. The one not working is on a non public viewable league, therefore I have to be logged in in order to view the contents. If I make the second league publicly viewable then the workflow works.

Now this raises another question. How can I log in to yahoo from knime in order to reach the pages on the non public viewable league? I know the easy out is just to make it publicly viewable, but I wish to know how can I log into yahoo with my user/password in case I find another website with that kind of restrictions without that easy alternative.


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