Problem to export data in Power BI

Given that I know very little about Power BI and that I am not very strong with KNIMe, I tried to export the data in Power BI but I encounter an unknown error when trying to export the data.

This is the piece of workflow where attached the nodes for Power BI exportation and below you’ll find the node configurations and the error.


Executing the workflow knime report the following error:

Anyone know the motivation and possible solutions?
Kind Regards

Hi @Guglielmo,

Thanks for this. The error is definitely not that helpful. Which version of KNIME AP are you using?

Could you go to File → Preferences → KNIME and set the Log File Log Level to ‘Debug’

Can you re-run the full workflow and then go to View → Open KNIME Log and send the logs for just the timestamps that your ran the workflow? Please be sure to double check nothing sensitive is in the logs.



Hi Wali,

thank you for your kind reply. At the end I solved the problem or the problem seems to be solved!,It maybe related with registration of Power BI? The fact is when I completed the registration of Power BI the problem seems to be solved, that’s all! I’m not expert both of PBI e KNIME so I can report you only that.


Glad you have it figured out!

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