Problem understanding the Loop Start and End node.

Hi, I have a confusion with the Loop nodes.
Further I have attached the workflow in which I want the graph output to show a separate graph for each row. How do it do it?
I watched a few videos related to loop nodes and flow variables on YouTube but couldn’t crack it.
Please can someone help me out.
Thank you.
4.01_Update_Inward_Folder_Graph.knwf (53.2 KB)


So the excel file wasn’t bundled so couldn’t run the workflow.

When you say a graph per row, i understood this top be grah per patter input.

On a side note, i’m not sure that the line plot can take a json data table for graphing. (please someone do correct me if i am wrong, but when i tired it it didn’t work…) so you may want to remove this and pass the data to the line plot if you where experiencing issues with plotting also…

Assuming, you where getting at least one plot, you need to place the line plot within the loop start and end nodes, otherwise the line plot will act on the aggregate or last input data form the loop, rather than plot per ‘pattern’ input.

Any nodes between the Loop Start and Loop End will be repeated. Any nodes after work on either the ‘last iteration’ of data or a union/concatenated table of the loop node output.


I tried putting the line plot node before the loop end node but I still couldn’t get the desired result.
It gives an empty graph as an output. Can I know why so?
4.01_Update_Inward_Folder_Graph.knwf (69.4 KB)

How about an Image To Table node between your Line Plot and Loop End?

2020-08-03 12_36_10-Window


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