Problem using Parameter Optimization loop and JPMML Regressor Predictor

Hello. I’m trying to run an optimization using a model that I’ve created. The idea is to create a table with a single row containing the parameters that I want to optimize, and these parameters in this column will be controlled by the optimization.

The problem is when I try to use the variables from the optimization to set the table variables in Table Creator, I get the error

So apparently, I don’t know why but the numbers that are created by the optimization are being read as strings, in spite of having set the table to double.

Here is the workflow:

Hello @glimachave,

you might want to use the Variable to Table Row node instead of the Table Creator here.



Hi nemad,

I’ve tried to do so, but the error still persists.

What types do the columns output by the Variable to Table Row have?

Int and Double. I’ve solved the problem using the Regression Predictor node, as the model is a polynomial regression. But it still doesn’t work if I intend to use the JPMML Regression Predictor.


I tried to reproduce the problem but without success.
What kind of model are you using? Was it build with KNIME Analytics Platform?



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