Problem when Deal with "table row to variable loop"


I face problem when I deal with " table row to variable loop start ".

I connect a table with two columns (Start_Date, End_Date) and

about 32 rows, which are supposed to have date values.

everything seems OK , but when I connect the  " table row to variable loop start " output

to Data Reader to deal with Start_Date , End_Date I don't know why the values changes.

for example 2015-01-01 changes to 2013

and 2015-01-31 changes to 1983.


I would be really appreciated if someone could help me.



can you post me a workflow showing the problem. I just tried it and it is working for me.

Cheers, Iris 



Sure, thanks a lot

Which KNIME Version are you currently using? I use 3.4.0 and it is working as expected.

it seems  , KNIME 3.3.2 .

Actually, the thing I have tried to do is I would like to pass the values from Source Tables

and put them in loop to RUN my SQL script which deal with the values in Start_Date, End_Date in

WHERE part condition.


I am not sure I understand your problem, for me this looks as expected.

Can you make me a screenshot of the flow variables?

Therefore, execute the Table row to variable loop start once, open its outport and this is what I would like to see. 


I get the following information:

START_DATE" 2015-01-01



Where are you seeing the 2013? which variable is it?


Thanks a lot for making time.

actually , when I wanted to use variable in the loop(body)

as $${SSTART_DATE}$$,$${SEND_DATE}$$ the values are considered as number :

2015-01-01 = 2013 (dash mark considered as Minus!) .

everything seems OK before Loop body though!

but the interesting thing is I have put the Value between ' '(Quotation mark )   in the source table :

'2015-01-01' , then everything works well !

do you think is that related to my fault or the KNIME version or ...?

I think we are getting closer to the problem :-)

So you are using the value in an SQL statement and yes, this needs to be surrounded by Quotation Marks.