Problem with AutoML

Dear all,
Due to the Fridays KNIME mailing about “AutoML” I attempted to add this new verified component to an existing workflow, but unfortunately the configuration of this node is incomplete, as one of the constituent components of the AutoML DataPrep component (Numerical Preprocessing) gives an error - “Execute failed: Contains 2 unconnected nodes”.

Is anyone else having this same issue?

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Hi @Alastair2 -

I tried to replicate this result on a small dataset on my laptop, but the component is working fine for me. Let me tag @paolotamag to see if he can help troubleshoot.

Hi @Alastair2,
It might have happened that during the installation of a few required extensions the Component was damaged.

Now that you should have all the right extension installed, try to redownload the Component, either by drag and drop from the Hub or from the Example Server.

Let me know fo that solves it.


Indeed it did - many thanks!

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have you checked out the new XAI View?




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