Problem with Big Data Extensions on running two versions

I'm recently facing a new problem with running two versions on same machine. I have 3.1.1. in one directory and 3.2(upgraded from 3.1 ) in another. I installled the the Big Data Connector plugins in both the versions and they dont seem to show up in the 3.2 version node repository but they are showing up in the 3.1.1 version.

I checked the Installation directory (which looks some thing like this for both

D:\Program Files\KNIME 3.1.1\plugins &

D:\Program Files\KNIME 3.1\plugins ) and the plugins are present there. I dont seem to understand what the problem is.

Please let me know how to resolve this.


Dear Mohammed,

could you please add the following -clean argument to your knime.ini.

The knime.ini can be found in your installation directory. edit and save it and afterwards restart the KNIME Analytics Platform.

Kind regards, Iris

I added the -clean argument in both the .ini directories and also reinstalled the big data plugins just to be safe and it worked !

Thanks Iris , you're the best !



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