Problem with bigquery


Can’t get bigquery to work on the server, get this when looking at a bigquery workflow:

Errors loading workflow ‘Daily’: Status: Error: Daily 0 loaded with errors
Status: Error: Daily 0
Status: Error: WFM-RPT-Daily 0:117
Status: Error: BigQuery 0:117:18
Status: Error: Google BigQuery Connector 0:117:18:1
Status: Error: Loading model settings failed: Could not find the [Google_BigQuery] database driver.

Have installed the bigquery extension on the server (I think):
“Installing 4.1.0.v201912192311.”

Any idéas?

Hi there @patber,

seems there is no driver on Server. Check this documentation section on how to add your own JDBC drivers on the KNIME Server:


thx, had forgot that I had to do that locally as well…

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