Problem with dependencies to KNIME nodes

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in my extension nodes, I have a dependency on the KNIME R nodes. Some time ago I created some sort of converter node that outputs the R workspace generated when running an R model and this is wrapped into an RPortObject. With this node, one could switch to the official KNIME R nodes easily.

I did not consider this problem before, but I introduced a dependency to the R port type from the package org.knime.ext.r.type. Installing my extension nodes requires the KNIME update site to retrieve this dependency. Unfortunately, some users do not have this update site configured or enabled.


First, I tried unsuccessfully to include the KNIME 3.5 update site as an additional repository for my update site in Eclipse.

Secondly I managed to include this dependency as included plugins in my build. Unfortunately, this produces a conflict when the KNIME R nodes are or will be installed.

Do you know how I could configure the KNIME update site to be included in the users KNIME when installing my feature?

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Have you looked at composite eclipse p2 sites?

In a folder that’s being hosted by a web browser add two files like this:

When someone browses to the page hosted by your web server they will see the knime update sites and your own ones.

This example would display my nightly build, knime 3.7 core, knime 3.7 trusted community, eclipse fx and egit update sites all together.

I do add dependencies into some of my update site builds and haven’t had a problem (using tycho for building) with conflicts with core KNIME sites. Is the issue your having because you want 3.5 installed and a user may have a more recent version?

For more details:

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Good idea! I did not think of it. Sorry for writing so late. I had not time yet to test it. I will soon and report here.