Problem with JSON missing values shifting on WebPortal

Hi all,
I have been scratching my head all day long with this problem and it is very hard to describe. I have a workflow that calls an API which retrieves a JSON with many objects and fields. When I use the JSON path for the fields I need, I get all the info I need. However, if one of the requested fields is not available KNIME inserts a ‘?’ which means missing value. Up to this point, everything looks good.


The problem, which I don’t see on my local KNIME only on the web portal, is that the values shift upwards even if I do a rule engine, java snippet or missign value node to replace the missing value with a string like “NOT AVAILABLE”. Again this only happens on the server, I guess its possible that the server needs to be upgraded but to shift values like this?


It would be nice if I could specify a value in case the field is missing.

Iam not sure if I got you right. Is the problem of your workflow that in the webportal is a different behaviour than in your local instance or do you just get the results in the wrong order. By wrong order I mean that the missing values should be at the bottom and not in top of the column. Would be nice if you could provide more information. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @laaaarsi, yes the problem is hard to describe. I do get different behavior in webportal than my local instance. On my local instance, there is no shift but on webportal, the missing values shift up. I will add a diagram soon.


as you can see Alex really plays soccer but on the webportal it tells me alex plays tennis!

Hi @josequirozramos1 -

Are you able to upload a sample workflow that reliably reproduces the problem? Then we can test it on our end. Thanks!

Hi Scott, as soon as I have time I will do this .

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