Problem with Knime 2.8.1

Dear reader,

After updating to Knime 2.8.1 I have problems installing the InfoCom JChem extensions.

I manually added the InfoCom update site to the Available Software Site in Knime. No problem so far. Upon pressing the 'Reload' button I get the following error instead of the password pop up I previously got in for example Knime 2.7:

Unable to read repository at
Unable to read repository at
No password provided.
I am running Mac OS X 10.8.4, with Java Version 7 Update 25 (build 1.7.0_25-b15).
Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Sander Nabuurs.

In addition: after updating the infocom nodes from the 2.7 infocom repository in knime 2.8.1 or 2.8.2 on a mac all nodes have disapeared. Nowhere to be found. The whole Chemaxon tree is gone in the node-browser. The only fix seems to be to remove all Chemaxon/infocom add ons from knime, and reinstall the old nodes from the 2.6 repository.

This problem does not seem to occur on knime 2.8.2 running on linux (centos 6.2)

Same with knime 2.9 , again only on the mac.

As by suggestion of Berndt this might have something to do with the fact that knime on the mac is still using java 6 instead of java 7.


This has been fixed in the latest version 2.8.2.v0203.


If you get the latest infocom nodes from the 2.8 repository, things work again under knime 2.9.2.

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