Problem with licence path?


I am currently having problems trying to use the MCS Matrix node.  I get the following error message:

ERROR MCS Matrix Execute failed: No valid license has been found. Product name: MCES License path: \\\dfs$\User Data\Cambridge\Home Directories\j.davidson\chemaxon\license.cxl Please contact to obtain the corresponding license. Students and academic researchers are entitled of free use through our Academic Package, for more information please visit:

However, I do have a valid license.cxl (covering Marvin Beans) there.  Also, I seem to be able to run the R-Group Efficiency node fine - which I thought had the same licensing requirements(?)  Does anyone know if the MCES functionality actually requires an extra licence component?

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Hi James,

as far as I know, Chemaxon requires separate licenses for some functionalities that are not covered by the general MarvinBeans license. But I can't really comment on any Chemaxon licensing questions.

That you can run the RGroup efficiency node indicates that the license setup itself should work. Thus, it looks like that the MCS functionality is not covered by that anymore (it used to be) and might require a separate license now. But I am afraid this question can only be answered by contacting Chemaxon directly.



Hi Nikolas,

Thanks for the reply.  I looked into it a bit further and confirmed in JChem for Excel that calling the MCS functionality does indeed need an extra licence component in addition to the Marvin Beans licence.

Oh well...


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