Problem with Logistic Regression Learner

Hi, I’m a basic user.
I try to use Logistic Regression Learner but the Coefficient created by the node make no sense.

I created a table with some very simple data (below a draw, the original table is in only two columns)

Below the summary of the table made with Libre Office Calc

As you can see, there is a obiouvsly positive relation between the value of the X and the value of the Y

I try to use Logistic Regression Lerner with Iteratively reweighted least squares…
and I obtain…a coefficient of Beta … negative ???

I try to normalize data but I obtain the same result…

Where I’m wrong ?

Thank for your help and sorry for grammatical error, i share the table
Dati.xls (9.5 KB)

Why did you choose 1 for your reference category?


Thank you very much… I read the instructions too quickly and got lost in a glass of water :sweat_smile:

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