problem with method resolution order (mro) with KNIPImage


I have an error thrown when executing a python script with KNIPImage: class KNIPImage has no attribute ‘mro
When I run the code in the window everything is fine, but closing the node and executing the workflow throws that error. Any ideas?

Hi Marc,
I am sorry you are having trouble with the scripting, to help you out I need to know some specifics about your setup, can you tell me please:

  • the OS / Python version, you are using
  • the python script you are trying to execute.


Hi Gabriel,
thanks for your help. I am running macOS Sierra 10.12.6, but I cannot provide the script, since in the mean time I have found a roundabout and it is working. I am sorry about this. Please consider this closed and if it crops up again, I’ll reopen it with the workflow and script.


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