Problem with page break in report (web view)

I have a multiple page report. It consists of

  • a label (headline of the graphic)
  • a graphic
  • a label
  • a graphic (headline of the graphic)
    As the graphics are covering nearly one full page on paper I tried to force a page break (in the second label).
    That works quite well when creating a pdf.

But especially in the development phase I’m just using the web view of the report. And that report stops at the page break. That means That I do not see anything behind the page break?

Any ideas how to solve this nasty behaviour?

Hi @knimediger,

on the webviewer you should find navigation icons in the top right corner. With these you should be able to go to the next pages:



Hello @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

Thank you for this explanation.
Life can be that easy. But I was not aware of that simple feature.


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