Problem with POST request to Google Sheets


We are new to KNIME and we are struggling to connect it to Google sheets. 

We want to post the output dataset of our workflow into a Gsheet,for which we are using the REST services POST request node. After reading all the docummentation about this node, we are still unable to do this! We can do post requests to gsheets through our own applications but these same settings don't seem to work on the node.

Has anyone succesfully posted something onto gsheets? If so, could we see an example on how to fill in the node or do you have any documentation on this specific topic?

Many thanks!

I think Google Sheet's API is using OAuth2 for authentication, though by default there is no KNIME authentication method present for OAuth2. You can mimic the transport with regular KNIME nodes though and specify the Authorization header with the (Bearer) token. Though in case you are using a (custom?) service not requiring authentication, it should work. Do you get errors (maybe in the logs)?

HI! Thanks for the response! We ended up creating a proxy to do the transfer of data.