problem with R view (remote)

dear list, i installed a fresh Knime on a ubuntu 9.10 and prepared access to an remote R server. this work so far via R snippet (remote) but not with R view (remote). with R view (remote) the output png is not created data(iris) R <- iris plot(R[1:2]) plot(R) and following error message is created on the R server: Error in X11(paste("png::", filename, sep = ""), width, height, pointsize, : unable to start device PNG In addition: Warning message: In png("Rplot_521269337.png", width = 640, height = 640, pointsize = 12, : unable to open connection to X11 display '' Error in : cannot shut down device 1 (the null device) after searching the internet, i tried to use a graphics device which does not depend on x11: dev2bitmap(file= "test.png", type = "png16m",method = c("postscript", "pdf")) plot(rnorm(4000),rnorm(4000),col="#ff000018",pch=19,cex=2) i checked on the R server and the file is generated but the R view (remote) - node fails with an error message. As i really would like to be able to generate graphics on the remote R server instead of using a local R installation, i would very much appreciate any help to solve this issue. many thanks in advance, andreas

Hi Andreas, I have actually no idea what's going wrong here. It would be very usefully, if you could send me the knime.log file located in your workspace/.metadata Thanks, Thomas

hey thomas, thanks for looking into it! after a lot of further googleing, i found the cause of the problem. what i did was compiling R from its source code and apparently on ubuntu 9.10 several dev packages such as libpng3-dev, (libpng3), libjpeg62-dev (libjpeg62) have to be installed before, otherwise it is claimed that the devices are not enabled during the compilation process. during my compilation, these packages were not present and the devices where (therefore) not available. (i did the check with the method call capabilities() in R.) reason why i wanted to compile R from source instead of using the official deb package provided by ubuntu was the fact that i could not figure out how to change the default settings for the Rserve package provided by ubuntu. also with the normal r-base package it was not possible to install Rserve from source via 'install.packages()'. but now i found a hint mentioning that for this feature, the package r-core-dev has to be installed. so after doing this, i was able to install Rserve from source and therefore to change its default config by creating the Rserv.conf file. so, the bottom line is that it works now :-) cheers, andreas

ups, the package is of course r-base-dev not r-core-dev cheers, andreas