Problem with ROC node version 2.9.4

I have downloaded KNIME 2.9.4 and tried to get and ROC curve from a weka logistic regression but the ROC node gives the following dialog box.

Invalid settings'

No class probability columns(s) selected

However there is a class probability column and the lift node works perfectly well from the same out put node.

What the ROC node does not allow is to select the column and it appears to not see it.

Can someone help??

Thanks in advance.


In the column selection panel at the bottom of the dialog you must include at least one numeric column (the one with the probabilities of the "positive" class as selected above).

Thanks Thor

I had tried this but your suggestion prompted me to make the ROC config window larger.  The columns  (at least on my PC) were not showing each time I opened the config but when I enlarged it the showed themselves - I guess they were all there but hidden.

If anyone else has this problem just make the config window larger.

Can you post a screenshot of this issue?

here is is

This also happens on other forms with the column selector control... I got used to it, but it's annoying.