Problem with 'Search' with Table Editor

We are running KNIME 4.6.7. currently in combination with KNIME Server and Web Portal. I have come across a puzzling issue with Table Editor in that Search does not identify all matches which are present in the table. In recent example there are 2 table editors within same component both including an Integer column, one of the tables can find all matches and the other not. See the example below, it is clear that the integer 29979 is present in column 1 (HeatNumber)

If I type that in the Search box however it is not filtered, i.e. see below when 299 is typed only see one possibility ?

As I say, I have another table in the same component with same integer column (though from a different data port) nd this behaves as I would expect (hope). I have worked around by changing the column in question to a string as this is OK for this application, but interested to know if anyone has encountered similar ?


Steve T

Hi @SteveThornton ,

I was not able to replicate the issue. To better understand what is causing this behaviour. Is it possible to share a dummy workflow? A dummy workflow would greatly help us understand the issue.